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NGL and Olefins Forward Curves

The Daily Blather is the mostly widely accepted third party forward curve source in the industry. Traders, asset companies, investors and consultants utilize these curves throughout the NGL industry.

Daily Blather customers have access to our daily publication, in addition to our database of historical information. These forward curves are proprietary and not available anywhere else in the market place. If you would like to inquire about a subscription to the Daily Blather or receive a free trial subscription, please fill out the form below.

Since our founding in 2003, Liquidity Partners has generated daily NGL market prices and forward curves for –

  • Ethane and EP at Mt. Belvieu, and EP at Conway
  • Propane at Mt. Belvieu, and Conway
  • Normal Butane at Mt. Belvieu, and Conway
  • Natural Gasoline at Mt. Belvieu, and Conway
  • Iso Butane at Mt. Belvieu, and Conway
  • Ethylene at Mt. Belvieu
  • Propylene at Mt. Belvieu

Through our participation in these markets and as a leading broker of these Over the Counter (OTC) products, Liquidity Partners has a precise view of value along the forward curves.

Our data is also available through Bloomberg and Logical Information Machines (LIM). Please contact us with any questions about how to access this data through these platforms.

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